Strategic Paws Boarding
​Boarding Designed Around the Dog!


All included in your price!
  1. Roomy, Clean Kennels
    Our kennels are large, indoor kennels 6' X 9' with 6' X 8' outdoor private patios. Or 8' X 10'indoor only kennels. Plenty of room for dogs to move around and stretch out. Cleaned daily and more as needed.
  2. Exercise and Fresh Air
    All dogs go outside early morning, mid-morning, lunch time (approx. 15 minutes), dinner time (approx. 15 minutes), after dinner, and late evening. Time outside is subject to weather and a dog's health and activity level.
  3. Peaceful, Temperature Controlled Environment
    Our 11 kennels are divided between two heated and air conditioned buildings. This cuts down on noise which in turn reduces stress for dogs. We also infuse safe and pure essential oils in the air during quiet time.
  4. Plenty of Space to Run and Socialize
    All dogs can run and play in a two acre field. Play with other dogs is available for those dogs who are sociable if there is an appropriate matching dog. Otherwise, we accompany and play with dogs individually.
  5. Familiar Sounds of Home
    The most common sounds dogs hear at home are offered. Television, music, and calm talking through audio books and podcasts.
  6. Comfortable Dog Cots
    Each dog gets a comfortable dog cot to allow them to rest off the ground if they desire.
  7. Certified Professional Dog Trainer
    Certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant on staff to assist in dog matching, introductions, and interactions. Care is taken to ensure ALL dogs have an enjoyable experience.
  8. Owner/Operators Live On-Site
    Boarding buildings are monitored by CCTV 24 hours. Additionally, buildings are professional monitored by ADT for smoke/fire with direct alerts to ADT, fire department, and owners 24 hours a day.